How it Works

Buzzstr8 helps you easily and quickly search, find and connect with local and regional events and interests up to 100 miles around you.

It’s Quick, Easy & Fun to Use!
Enjoy quick, easy and intuitive app navigation and interaction as you search for events and interests around you.

Key Features
Buzzsrt8 Alerts, Throwing Cards, Buzzsrt8 Chat, Buzzsrt8 Calendar, Interest Organizer, Buzzstr8 Scoring  & Buzzstr8 Rating

Buzzstr8 helps you find great local events and interests around you…instantly.

Buzzstr8 searches local events and presents them to you in the form of interactive cards that you can swipe up if you’re Interested or swipe down if you’re Not Interested.

Swiping Cards
When you swipe up on a card that means you’re  Interested in the event or the interest. Your Interested event cards are then placed on your Buzzsrt8 Calendar and you can easily access it at any time to review, contact the business or venue as well as easily share with your friends. Your Interested interest cards are placed in your Interest Organizer and you can easily access them at any time to review, contact the business or service provider as well as easily share with others.

Buzzstr8 offers cool features which makes finding, managing, sharing and interacting with your events and interests quick and easy .

Throwing Cards: With Buzzstr8 you can easily share cards with friends and others by simply clicking on the blue throw icon on the bottom of any card. You’ll then be able to email or text the card. If you want to send a link to the card – simply touch the screen and select paste.  You can throw both event and interest cards – even if you’re not interested in the event or interest. It’s an easy  way of instantly sharing a card with friends or anyone.  Give it a try…it’s a lot of fun and easy.

Instant Notifications: You’ll get instant updates on your selected events and interests that you selected in your user admin area. These settings can be changed at any time.

Buzzstr8 Alerts: Be the first to know about local events and interests as they are announced.

Buzzstr8 Chat: Instantly connect with local businesses and services with our easy chat.

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Buzzstr8 Calendar: A dynamic and powerful events calendar that alerts you about the day’s events and upcoming new events.

Interest Organizer: Quickly and easily manage and access your Interests.

Buzzstr8 Scoring: We’re keeping score on every card! To give you and other end users the best and most reliable information about local events and interests, we score every card. The scoring is based on your and other end users’ interaction with each card and then, through proprietary algorithms and other calculations, each card receives an overall score which is regularly updated and available to view on our search engine.

Buzzstr8 Rating: We love to have feedback from our clients about past, present and future events and interests. With our easy feedback and rating system, you can easily leave a comment on any card and rate it.